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Keep up to date with my planning and training in my conquest for the summit of Everest.

I will be sharing my insights, challenges, learnings and struggles on my journey.

Please don't hesitate to comment and ask questions as this helps me to know that I am not doing this alone but with the your support

Alyssa xx

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Road Trip, Training, Aussie 10.

21st October 2017 By Alyssa

It has been a while since my last blog post. It’s been a bit of a hectic period of running adventures with Adventure Professionals. In September we ran a Kokoda Track adventure with 29 people which was a big group and a great trip. I spent a few days at home and then started to prep for our October Aussie 10’s. 

Recently I took a road trip. I packed up the Jeep and drove from Brisbane down to Cronulla.

I spent a few days in Cronulla and spent each morning out training on the sand dunes. It was great training for resistance and mimics the feeling of climbing through snow and having to break trail. I mixed it up with some running and pack work.

I then drove another 2 hours to the Blue Mountains/Katoomba where I did a full day of rock climbing.

My Dad was on Kokoda leading a trip and we met in Canberra to begin the Aussie 10 adventures. We are now in Jindabyne at Lake Crackenback Resort. We’ve just finished running the Mates4Mates Aussie 10 Peaks group. The team went really well. Our first day was around 14 hours and everyone got out all six peaks. We had clear skies and absolutely perfect weather.

The second day as we drove to Thredbo to start the final four peaks we were immediately in whiteout conditions and after a few minutes of walking our visibility became less than 30 metres ahead.

We made the call not to continue and the team whilst disappointed knew this was mountain conditions and weather and we don’t control it.


Now we’re prepping for the next Aussie 10 which will be run next week and I’ll head back out to do my own mountain training in between.

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement of a big project in 2018! I’ve been asked a bit lately what’s next for me and I’ll be answering that question in the coming weeks. 



Girls Can Do Scary Things Too – The Podcast

5th June 2017 By Alyssa

I am currently working on a podcast series called Girls Can Do Scary Things Too.

I know as young girls and women we can sometimes be convinced that we shouldn’t do scary things, but deep down inside we know we’re just as capable as the boys when it comes to doing scary things. It can often be society, the people around us, that make us feel otherwise.

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Mt. Elbrus Preparation

16th March 2017 By Alyssa

I am currently down in Jindabyne running back-to-back Aussie 10 Peaks adventures. The Mates4Mates team just completed their trip and today we’re heading back to Canberra to drop the team off and pick up the next group for the second Aussie 10 adventure.

I am now three months away from my next expedition which is to Mt. Elbrus in Russia. My preparation for this is similar to my usual training schedule, although I will be on an updated program put together by Scott Evennett. Involving pack training, running, gym sessions, calisthenics, and tyre drags.

Later this year Adventure Professionals will be running some more short adventure trips in Australia. Some in the Blue Mountains and the Grampians. I will personally be heading to Arapiles and the Blue Mountains for some rock climbing training as well.

In the coming week, I will be visiting the Gold Coast Suns team to chat around mindset and specifically about Everest and what it takes to reach the summit and I will also be giving a presentation at USQ (University of Southern Queensland.)