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Keep up to date with my adventure...

Keep up to date with my planning and training in my conquest for the summit of Everest.

I will be sharing my insights, challenges, learnings and struggles on my journey.

Please don't hesitate to comment and ask questions as this helps me to know that I am not doing this alone but with the your support

Alyssa xx

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Everest 2018 – The VLog

14th February 2018 By Alyssa

As I head into my final few weeks of preparation for an attempt on the North Side Summit of Mt Everest, I am putting together some weekly Video Logs with the aim of taking you inside the experience with me.

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Road Trip, Training, Aussie 10.

21st October 2017 By Alyssa

It has been a while since my last blog post. It’s been a bit of a hectic period of running adventures with Adventure Professionals. In September we ran a Kokoda Track adventure with 29 people which was a big group and a great trip. I spent a few days at home and then started to prep for our October Aussie 10’s. 

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Girls Can Do Scary Things Too – The Podcast

5th June 2017 By Alyssa

I am currently working on a podcast series called Girls Can Do Scary Things Too.

I know as young girls and women we can sometimes be convinced that we shouldn’t do scary things, but deep down inside we know we’re just as capable as the boys when it comes to doing scary things. It can often be society, the people around us, that make us feel otherwise.

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