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Keep up to date with my adventure...

Keep up to date with my planning and training in my conquest for the summit of Everest.

I will be sharing my insights, challenges, learnings and struggles on my journey.

Please don't hesitate to comment and ask questions as this helps me to know that I am not doing this alone but with the your support

Alyssa xx

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Aussie 10 Peaks – A Great Adventure Last Week

1st November 2016 By Alyssa

It’s been a busy year, hectic would best describe life since I returned from Mount Everest in June this year. I have completed two Kokoda Track crossings as a staff member including one where I carried out a Medical Evacuation on an injured veteran from a mates4mates adventure. That was a new experience for me although with Dad having been a Aero-Medical Evacuation specialist in the Army I knew I had the right advice and training to carry out the job. All went well.

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The Girl Who Climbed Everest – Sue Williams

8th October 2016 By Alyssa

It’s been a little whole since I wrote on here. Life has been hectic since coming home from the Mount Everest Expedition.

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Aussie 10 Peaks – Come on an Adventure with Me

30th June 2016 By Alyssa

This is a great opportunity for you to come on an amazing four day adventure with me across the Australian 10 Peaks – the highest peaks in the Kosciusczko National Park.

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