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In Adventure

By Alyssa

Aussie 10 Peaks – A Great Adventure Last Week

On 01, Nov 2016 | In Adventure | By Alyssa

It’s been a busy year, hectic would best describe life since I returned from Mount Everest in June this year. I have completed two Kokoda Track crossings as a staff member including one where I carried out a Medical Evacuation on an injured veteran from a mates4mates adventure. That was a new experience for me although with Dad having been a Aero-Medical Evacuation specialist in the Army I knew I had the right advice and training to carry out the job. All went well.

This past weekend I just finished an Aussie 10 Peaks adventure where we went out and climbed the 10 Highest Peaks in Australia – all in the Kosciuszko National Park.

We had 21 people all up, six men and fifteen women. It’s great to see so many women out in nature and adventuring. They all did extremely well under tough conditions. The weather was amazing, very bright and sunny off the snow, but the thickness of the snow after a fresh layer over the past week really made the trek a challenge. This is of course what I love about adventure and the thing that makes people get so much from taking on adventures.

It’s vital to have good equipment in the mountains, especially when mixing snow cover with the brightness of the sun. A couple of people had sore eyes despite wearing sun glasses. I was fortunate that Gloryfy and Mountain Designs were kind enough to give some of their new Gloryfy Glacier Glasses to trial out there and I have to say they were amazing. Lightweight, comfortable and a very snug fit.

I often get asked about what equipment I use or recommend for adventures so I put a list together down below for you to check out.

The Aussie 10 Peaks is a four day adventure with two days getting into and out of the start point and two big days out on the mountains.

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We had really good weather with the occasional bit of wind but otherwise had two days of clear and sunny weather. The aim was to complete six peaks on the first day and four on the second day. We started by crossing the snowy river to begin and from there our first day was the longest.

The Aussie 10 Peaks are:

  1. Mt Kosciuszko (2,228m)
  2. Mt Townsend (2,209m)
  3. Mt Twynam (2,195m)
  4. Rams Head (2,190m)
  5. Unnamed peak on Etheridge Ridge (2,180m)
  6. Rams Head North (2,177m)
  7. Alice Rawson Peak (2,160m)
  8. Byatts Camp (2159m)
  9. Carruthers Peak (2,145m)
  10. Abotts Peak (2,145m)

Often people underestimate this adventure because they think they’re not that high compared with mountains overseas. This is true, but this is definitely not an easy adventure. It’s one that you need to train for to get the most out of the experience.


Most of the gear I had tried and tested on Everest this year so knew it was good quality. The Gloryfy glacier glasses were a new item and worked really well. They completely protected my eyes from the sun, even when it reflected off the snow and were very comfortable to wear.

  • Mountain Designs Pro-Elite Base Layers (Top & Bottom)
  • Neve Climbing Pant – Mountain Designs
  • Mid-weight Socks
  • Beanie – Berghaus
  • Cap
  • Buff
  • Stormchaser Goretex Jacket – Mountain Designs
  • Suunto Ambit 3 Peak watch
  • Trekking Boots – Zamberlan
  • Kumari Soft Shell Jacket – Mountain Designs
  • Trekking Pole – Leki
  • Pack – Berghaus
  • Glacier Glasses – Gloryfy G2 Unbreakable glasses
  • Liner Gloves – Mammut
  • Mid-weight gloves – Mountain Designs

If you’d like to come on an Aussie 10 Peaks adventure with us please get in touch. We are running Aussie 10 Peaks in February, March and October at this stage.

Congratulations to everyone that came out and challenged themselves with the Aussie 10 Peaks last weekend. It was rewarding to see 21 from 21 all sitting on the top of Mount Kosciuszko.


My next adventure is to South America. I will give you an update on that soon.

Until then dream big and take action.