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Kilimanjaro and moving forward.


It’s been a very busy week since returning from Africa. I very much hit the ground running and earlier last week I spoke at a dinner for the University of Queensland, caught up with people for a few very exciting meetings as well having my enlistment day for the Army Reserves late last week. Tomorrow I’m off to Sydney for a few days to catch up and train with my Strength Coach and get ready for next year’s climbing objective.

My most recent trip was to Africa where myself and a team of people spent 10 days total over in Tanzania climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. This was my second trip and second summit of the mountain and I was assisting to lead a team with Adventure Professionals.

It is no doubt a tough yet very enjoyable trip. Summit night got to be quite cold and is a big jump in altitude. We had a team of 9 in total not including our local and support staff on the mountain. The porters and staff would sing the team into camp every night and went above and beyond for the whole trip which made it special.

One of the things I always enjoy about being in the mountains (or outdoors) environment is being away from the world and having little distraction. It gives you plenty of time to think and I always gain a lot of clarity. My Dad and I enjoyed getting to guide this trip together. It has been a while since we’ve both been on the same trip and it allows us both to hit the pause button and chat.

I’ve recently made the decision to scale back and cancel my guiding commitments going forward and won’t be running open expeditions or trips. I will occasionally where it suits however right now my work and study commitments are my priority as well my own personal climbing expeditions which will now require all my focus and training commitment.

Currently booked trips that I am on will still be running such as the upcoming Everest Base Camp trek as well as Mt. Aconcagua and Mt. Elbrus expeditions in 2019. Beyond on that I may work with certain people and climbers on various trips but mostly will be focusing on high-level climbing trips I want to undertake. For me it’s the mental and physical challenge and the high-performance realm within climbing which interests me to pursue. I’m looking forward to the challenge of training for, organising and undertaking extreme expeditions.

As always, Adventure Professionals will be running plenty of exciting adventures from the Kokoda Track to worldwide trips. There will continue to be adventures to follow going forward and I’m currently planning a very exciting and unique climbing expedition that I will be undertaking next year and that I am currently starting preparation for. I’m looking forward to eventually being able to share that with people and even showing you in-depth the behind the scenes of what goes into that.




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