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By Alyssa

Girls Can Do Scary Things Too – The Podcast

On 05, Jun 2017 | In Podcast | By Alyssa

I am currently working on a podcast series called Girls Can Do Scary Things Too.

I know as young girls and women we can sometimes be convinced that we shouldn’t do scary things, but deep down inside we know we’re just as capable as the boys when it comes to doing scary things. It can often be society, the people around us, that make us feel otherwise.

In fact the name of the podcast came from the a quote from a Grade Three student who said in a letter after I spoken at her school

“You taught us that girls can do scary things too.”

I thought that was pretty cool, the fact that I had made her think that way. At the same time I found it a little sad as she was already being filled with the belief that girls can’t do scary things, and she was only 8 or 9 years old.


The aim of the podcast is to highlight the story of any girls or women, of any ages, that have done cool things and overcome challenges’ or maybe they just have a cool story to tell or perhaps they’re currently stuck with some challenges or limiting beliefs and through telling their story we can offer some tips or advice that will assist them and anyone else who might be in a similar situation.

If you know someone that might be a good fit for the podcast please let them know to get in touch. If you’re that person then please get in touch.

The story doesn’t have to be extreme or scary as in adventure or sporting. It can be any story that you feel has a message for others girls and women. Something that others may be experiencing and through sharing your story they just might find some comfort or a way through their challenges.

This podcast series will be available for free on itunes.