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The Aussie 10 – Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

On 13, May 2013 | In Adventure, Inspiration, Media, Sponsors, Training, Travels | By Alyssa

Believe in yourself, or none of this matters. – Chasing Mavericks

It’s been a busy past week! On Friday morning we began our Aussie 10 Peaks challenge and I am proud to say we were successful. We had amazing weather – more so than expected. I was also fortunate enough to gain a lot of support and interest and I wanted to thank everyone who was apart of this with us and who sent messages and comments of support. It is greatly appreciated and gives me great confidence for the future expeditions we have coming up.

I want to give a quick shout out to Triple J Radio Station for having a chat with me before and after the challenge!

Also, to the 4GR Brekky Crew who have been a great support since I began adventure years ago and who are always interested in my adventures.

Another huge thanks to the ABC Midday Report for having me on live and to ABC Radio for several interviews and catch ups also.

Aussie 10 was definitely not easy and nor did I expect it to be. The first peak was a warm up. It took us three hours to hit the first peak (Mt Twynam) and after that the next few peaks were closer together although no easier to summit than the first. Carruthers was the second peak we hit, Alice Rawson was the third, Townsend was the fourth and Abbott peak and Byatts Camp were the fifth and sixth. We then had a long trek by comparison up to Australia’s highest point – Mt Kosciuszko. I enjoyed this the most because it was the highest and we had our longest break of about 30 minutes up there after summiting 7 of the peaks. After our break it was dark so we had head torches and big jackets ready to ascend the last three peaks (Unnamed on Etheridge, Rams Head North and Rams Head)

We completed the final peak and I was fairly exhausted and we still had a three hour trek back to the finish where we also started. We finished around 1am and it was tough but a great mental challenge for me. I had to learn to go into the zone and block out any pain I was feeling and get on with the goal I had set for myself.

The goal was to complete the 10 highest peaks in Australia in under 24 hours and we finished in 17 hours. A great result I was proud of and what is even better is it ignited the fire to come home and train harder and it also exposed any weaknesses I have as a climber so I can now go and work on those before the next test and ultimately – Everest.

I have a few days rest before getting back into training and we are already planning the next challenge – the Overland Track in Tasmania. The goal is to complete the track in three days (it usually takes 6 – 7 days) in the cold, snow and wind once again as mental preparation for the tough times ahead on the Himalayan giants.

Mt Manaslu (Nepal) is only five months away but I feel confident and right on track to summit the mountain. This next year whilst very exciting is also going to be very challenging and painful. My motto when it comes to climbing is “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” However, it is all worth it because the most memorable and rewarding moments of my life so far are those where I was pushing my limits beyond what I once thought they were. These moments mean way more to me than any time being within my comfort zone.

It has been said that fears and limits are just illusions, which couldn’t be more true in my opinion. As an athlete, being out of my comfort zone is a pretty common ritual in the form of physical fitness. However, there are many other ways you can be challenged. Nobody is perfect and we all have things that scare us, but in order to grow and become a better person we must confront them. In my experience, whenever you step outside your comfort zone you grow the most.

People hear this all the time but unfortunately there aren’t too many people who will apply it. I like to think of my comfort zone as a circle. When you stretch even one part of your limits in any area of your life, your entire circle or comfort zone soon becomes bigger and your ability to deal with hardships becomes even greater. Overcoming these hardships is an experience I hope everyone attempts to live. Everyone has their own Everest and their own limits they hope to break. Mine happens to be Mt Everest – I hope you find yours an conquer it too, no matter what it is.


Mountain Ranges in Australia

Mountain Ranges in Australia

Yours in Adventure,


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